Elite Rugby Academy is not just about rugby, we will teach every child as an individual. We will educate them in nutrition, health and fitness whilst mentoring them along the way with our unique approach to coaching. Danny and Andy will use their expertise in coaching to nurture all children.

Elite Rugby Academy FaviconFrom catching and passing a ball to running and tackling, every child will learn all the basic core skills from our professional super league players.

Elite Rugby Academy FaviconOur aim is to improve every child’s fitness, whether they are already fit or someone that has no fitness at all. We have a range of specific tests that enable us to measure and improve the fitness for every child.

Elite Rugby Academy FaviconWe aim to improve every child’s movement patterns whether its twisting in a tackle and offloading, to a simple squat to jump.The more functional we are the better athletes we become. Functional movements are highly dependent on our core muscles and a lack of core development can result in a predisposition to injury.

Elite Rugby Academy FaviconSpeed is a natural talent, but one that we believe every child can improve upon to become even faster. Being agile will help children to move more easily be it in sport or everyday life. With our range of specific speed and agility drills we aim to improve every child’s ability while also increasing co-ordination and overall athleticism and confidence.

Elite Rugby Academy FaviconWe will educate all kids about healthy eating (keeping it relevant to their ages) while hopefully inspiring them to put the right foods and fluids into their bodies, to help get the right responses whether they are in school or at home.

Elite Rugby Academy FaviconDiscipline is a key component in sport and in life. We believe that discipline is a key factor in leading a happy and successful life.



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